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Healthy Options

TRPHD is working with area partners to highlight healthy choices provided in stores and vending machines.

TRPHD is working with retail stores and conducting vending machine assessments in our jurisdiction, by providing signage from the Choose Health Here program to highlight health options that are available in the store. This program promotes healthy choices like low-sodium option, high fiber, and high protein options. This program helps to empower consumers on the healthy options that are available, so they can make informed decisions that lead towards a healthy lifestyle.

Look for healthy food options in the Lexington Oriental Store  and at Teresa's Tortilleria and Bakery.  Both stores are located in Lexington, Nebraska.  Two Rivers is working with both stores to increase healthy food choices. Healthy recipes will be offered in each store soon!  

Two Rivers is partnering with Eaton Corporation in Kearney, Nebraska to increase healthy food options in the cafeteria for Eaton employees.  

If you are interested in creating a healthier business, call us and Katie Mulligan will be able to provide you with a toolkit!


Resources for education about food environment are provided below.  Each resource  will be useful to paint a picture of what needs to be done in order to increase healthy food options for Nebraska residents.

  • This interactive map shows information about several topics including: the number of fast food restaurants, the number of grocery stores, and the number of farms in each county. This information shows the need for food environment programs in our area.

  • This link will lead you to a website that will enable you to evaluate the food options near you. This tool helps you determine using observational skills whether the food choices offered are healthy, and how many healthy options are near you. If you have any questions about this measurement tool contact TRPHD.