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Tri-Cities Medical Response System

TRPHD serves as the coordinator for the Tri-Cities Medical Response System (TRIMRS), which helps to strengthen emergency response through collaboration.

As the coordinator for TRIMRS, TRPHD has written or facilitated community-wide disaster drills and table-top exercises. The community-wide drills have included tornado, mass fatality, and earthquake drills. These exercises test a community’s ability to respond to a disaster, including testing incident command, patient tracking, and communications. As a result of a drill, TRPHD has observed hospitals and community organizations form new partnerships for responding to a disaster and policy updates to encourage preparedness.

TRPHD also helps to facilitate table-top exercises, in which a scenario of a disaster is presented to a group, in order to encourage ideas in how to respond. Table-top exercises conducted within the last year have included Ebola, Tuberculosis, and tornado scenarios.

Hospital Coalition Partners

Brodstone Memorial Hospital

Callaway District Hospital

CHI Health St. Francis

Cozad Community Health System

Franklin County Memorial Hospital

CHI Health Good Samaritan

Gothenburg Health

Harlan County Health System

Howard County Medical Center

Melham Medical Center

Kearney County Health Services

Kearney Regional Medical Center

Lexington Regional Health Center

Mary Lanning Healthcare

Memorial Community Health

Merrick Medical Center

Phelps Memorial Health Center

Valley County Health Center

Veteran's Administration

Webster County Community Hospital

Agency Coalition Partners

Adams County Emergency Management

City of Kearney - Buffalo County Emergency Management

Central District Health Department

Central Nebraska Medical Reserve Corps

Clay County Emergency Management

Dawson County Emergency Management

City of Grand Island - Hall County Emergency Management

Hamilton County Emergency Management

Harlan County Emergency Management

Kearney County Emergency Management

Loup Basin Public Health Department

Region 3 Behavioral Health Services

Phelps County Emergency Management

Region 26 Emergency Management

Region 44 Emergency Management

South Heartland District Health Department

Two Rivers Public Health Department


Hospitals and Other Medical Response Agencies May Wish to Contact TRIMRS Regarding:

  • Medical surge / mass casualty events
  • Mass fatality events
  • The potential that the hospital will overrun its normal bed capacity
  • For assistance in contacting other hospitals in the region or statewide to obtain medical supplies, equipment, personal protective equipment and human resources
  • For activating the TRIMRS owned Mobile Medical Assets
  • To alert other TRIMRS members of any event that has the potential to alter its normal operations to a point that additional resources may be needed

Hospitals Should Contact Their Local Public Health Department in the Following Situations

  • Evacuation
  • Sheltering
  • Damage
  • Disruption of services
  • Medical surge
  • Mass casualty incidents
  • Mass fatality incidents
  • Potential for going over bed capacity
  • Community health concerns
  • Coordinating movement of patients out of the hospital
  • Public statements in an event
  • Disruption in capabilities / capacities to provide normal services
  • Disease outbreaks
  • Contacting the Department of Health & Human Services
  • Need for behavioral health resources

Public Health can also provide the following resources:

  • Public information
  • Medical supplies and personal protective equipment
  • Access to Medical Reserve Corps, ESAR VHP, COAD(s), and VOAD 
  • Guidelines regarding disease outbreaks



TRIMRS Essential Elements of Information (EEI)

  • TRIMRS Essential Elements of Information form.

TRIMRS Meeting Minutes

Upcoming Meetings

The next TRIMRS Steering Committee Meeting will take place in December.  The date and time are to be announced.  This meeting will be an in person opportunity for members to converse and network with one another.  A Financial Subcommittee meeting will take place prior to the Steering Committee Meeting.

Upcoming Exercises